Habari Gani! is the official Kwanzaa  greeting which translates into, “What’s  the news of the day?” The answer depends on the Kwanzaa principle of the day.

Kwanzaa is a seven day celebration of African and African-American heritage. it  begins December 26th and ends January 1st.  Each of the seven days corresponds to one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa:  Umoja = Unity, Kujichagulia=Self Determination, Ujima=Collective Work & Responsibility, Ujamaa=Cooperative Economics, Nia= Purpose, Kuumba = Creativity, and Imani=Faith.

In celebration of KWAANZA,  Ms. Lva’s Books & More will be hosting our first annual KWAANZA BOOK FAIR. Our goal is to celebrate literacy, as we promote  African American publishers and bookstores, and highlight African American books and authors.

Browse our collection and you will find a variety of topics from authors of all genres. We have fiction and non-fiction, classics and contemporary, history, mystery, romance, poetry, urban fiction, Christian fiction and children’s books just to name a few.

African Americans are the most prolific group of people in the United States and the most studied group of people in the world.

Know your history; know yourself.

Happy Kwanzaa!

Ms. Lvas Books &More 

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