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Standing Tall: Willie Long and the Mare Island Original 21ers

Standing Tall: Willie Long and the Mare Island 21ers by Jake SloanJakeSloan_BookcoverClick the book to order your autographed copy today

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Filling a Gap in Bay Area Labor and Civil Rights History

OAKLAND CA: In the early 1960s, Jake Sloan played a relatively minor role in an event and subsequent actions that led to historic changes in hiring, training, promotions, and equal pay for African Americans working for the United States Navy at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and beyond.

Now, Mr. Sloan has written the story of what unfolded and the impact on African Americans and the Navy during that historic time. Standing Tall: Willie Long and the Mare Island Original 21ers tells the story of 25 brave men, led by Willie Long, and their struggle for fair and equal treatment as civilian employees of the Navy at that time, a struggle that reached the highest levels in the Navy and, eventually, brought about great change at Mare Island and other naval shipyards.

It tells the story of the human impacts on Willie Long and the other players, both positive and negative. The story reveals a thus far overlooked episode in the history of Bay Are labor and civil rights. It touches many families in the Bay Area.

On May 21, 2017, at 3:30 PM, Mr. Sloan will give a brief talk about the experience and sign copies of the book at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle, located 410-14th Street, Oakland, California. Books will go on sale at 3PM. Those who do not wish to or cannot attend can purchase the book at and

The book is published by: ENH Productions, in Association with The African American Development Institute, and the Western Institute for Social Research.

Mr. Sloan can be contacted through Elva NelsonHayes at the above information or at